This WINTER program LASSU (University SAO PAULO) and PRISM - CHAIRE DES AMERIQUES (University PARIS 1) is aimed at those in the fields for innovation and sustainable business models. By the end of this program on « sustainability, innovation & entrepreneurship », participants and researchers will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to operate as responsible business innovative leadership in all sectors. It is linked with the 8th National Meeting of Innovation Directors: Global and Universal Innovations. Fields : -Learn the methodology for conducting innovative and sustainable projects ; -Mastering human management and project teams ; -Know the phase innovation management ; -Mastering the intricacies, challenges and issues of innovative and sustainable sectors ; -Mastering the strategy and change management including the International ; -Being able to position the strategic challenges of their business in a globalized world ; -Develop a global vision of the company and to appropriate strategic management methods ; -Position yourselves as key players in the business and change management.

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